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What is AllTheHitsSoFar?

AllTheHitsSoFar.com began as a personal blog and quickly grew into a passion project focusing on movie reviews, industry news, pop culture observations, and the occasional life thought. The name comes from the title of poet Bradley Hathaway's book of poetry and prose All The Hits So Far. The collection is an amalgam of thoughts deeply-rooted in angst and a certain zest for life. The main purpose of AllTheHitsSoFar.com is to find the meaning in the entertaining parts of life, and celebrate the ever-changing mediums that shape entertainment as a whole.

Who's Who?

Scottie Knollin (Creator/Editor) started AllTheHitsSoFar.com shortly after graduating college at the insistence of a close friend. Since college, he's worked in front of and behind the scenes of various film/TV projects in the Atlanta area. In 2009, he began a five year stint as a middle/high school English teacher. In 2014, he worked as a Contract Producer for Between Pixels, an Atlanta-area video and marketing firm, developing and writing commercials. Since April 2015, he has worked as Digital Marketing professional for retail, mixed use, and finance companies. As of June 2017, he is based in Los Angeles. Everything you read here is written and managed in his free time. Member of the Georgia Film Critics Association.

Aundi Lesley (Collaborator) is a self-proclaimed girly-girl who loves all things makeup and beauty. When she's not blogging or filming makeup tutorials for her popular MakeUpByAundi site, she spends time with her husband, Lloyd. She was recently named Main Street Director for the city of Carrollton, GA. She has extreme addictions to makeup (obviously), Mexican food, YouTube, and Vanilla Coke Zero. Her life's mission is to become best friends with Mindy Kaling.

Kathryn Garvin (Contributing Writer) is technically an adult human being who has a degree in History from the University of Georgia. She doesn't want to hear you say one word against Batman, and she's kind of a coffee snob (oh brother) because she worked at a coffee shop in Athens for 11 months. She likes expressing her opinions, trivia, and long walks on the moon. After a stint in Redding, CA, Kathryn has returned to Atlanta and looking forward to the next chapter of life!

Casey Cooper (Contributing Writer) is the creator of the insanely popular COOP3RDRUMM3R YouTube channel. He is a signed Zildjan artist and tours the country playing for different music festivals, conventions, and industry shows. He recently graduated from GA State University, where he was a featured player for both the marching and basketball bands. In recent years, he's married the love of his life and welcomed his first child into the crazy world of internet fame.

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