My family's Christmas Day traditions always involve a trip to the movies. The movie chosen is always completely different. When we were younger it was usually whatever new Disney cartoon was out. As we got older it became things like Meet the Fockers, We Are Marshall, or last year's Sweeney Todd (bad choice).
But, this year, my older brother and his two kids were going to join us. If it weren't for the two young kids, we would have probably gone to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but I don't think a 4-year-old would have made it through that one. So, we settled on Adam Sandler's new Bedtime Stories.
I'll be honest, I did not want to see this movie. Adam Sandler is either hit or miss with me. I love his classics Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore and even the "non" Adam Sandler movies like Spanglish. This one just looked bad from the trailer. It follows a down on his luck man who must take care of his niece and nephew for a week. When its time for bed, he takes a cue from when he was a child, and tells the two kids bedtime stories. They chime in and help with some of the details, like raining gumballs. Then, to his surprise, the stories begin to come to life. Now, I assumed it would be "coming to life" Jumanji-style. Boy, was I wrong.
This movie was not really that funny. It relied too heavily on cheap laughs that very few kids in the audience laughed at, much less the adults. Adam Sandler tried his best, I think, but was given horrible material to work with. It was as if the writers and producers came up with 4 or 5 good ideas and came up with a mediocre way to connect the ideas. I basically couldn't wait for it to get over.
Now, there were a few magic moments, like when it rained gumballs. And Keri Russell, as the love interest, was a nice surprise (she should do more work). Overall, an ok family film that may entertain the kids, but doesn't contain enough clout to keep the adults attention.

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