Incredible. That's what this movie is. It's long. Almost three hours. But, I didn't feel like it really dragged all that much. T. Henderson went with me and he said he felt it a little. But, we both left the movie feeling we had definitely gotten our money's worth.
It's a real love story, told in the unusual of ways. Benjamin Button (played by Brad Pitt, and assisted with some outstanding effects and makeup) is born an old man on his death bed, and "grows" through life backwards, becoming younger as each day goes by. Early on in his life he meets a young girl named Daisy (played mostly by Cate Blanchett, great as always). As she grows older, and Benjamin grows younger, the two's lives intersect them in such ways that leave them practically meeting in the middle, when they both resemble the same age. 
The visuals are breathtaking, especially the effects used to make Pitt look way older, then way younger. Since the movie spans 1918 until present day, on the cusps of Hurricane Katrina, the costumes and change in scenery keeps the movie feeling fresh. 
It's one of those epics that Hollywood loves, so expect to see this film a lot as the awards season rolls around. It's already been nominated for 5 Golden Globes, and I predict it will get a handful of Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. I think it even has a shot at winning. The acting is top notch. Pitt is at his best. Blanchett, who has been compared to Katherine Hepburn, is stunning. Taraji P. Henson (Hustle & Flow) pulls her weight as Button's mother, Queenie. I think she may have a shot at a Supporting Oscar nod. Direcotr David Fincher (Fight Club) also takes a different turn than he's used to. And, I like it. 

A great movie. Definitely a classic of the year. Worth the time. Go see it.

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Sweet Carolina Soaps said...

Hey Scottie, it's Shannon :) Matt and I saw it yesterday and we both loved it! It was amazing and well worth the 3 hours (neither of us thought it dragged on, but my Dad did - haha). Great review!