This is a quirky little indie about a down-on-his-luck man, named Salmon, who moves in with his sister-in-law and her two obnoxious kids while his brother is off serving in Iraq with the National Guard. Leslie, the sister-in-law, played amazingly by Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") hires Salmon, played by the film's writer/director Scott Prendergast, to help watch the kids while she goes back to work, as a receptionist for a slowly dying internet company.
When Leslie realizes that Salmon, although he's 32, has no savings and is basically stuck with her, she gets him a job at the company, as the mascot, a giant blue alien-looking thing. His job consist of him standing in the middle of a rural, back road, passing out fliers advertising open office space in the building. Just the way the mascot is built offers a hilarious and depressing look into the life of Salmon. Day after day he's met with new surprises as he suffers through torment, the weather, and every other sucky thing you can imagine.
The acting is incredible, with Kudrow giving the best performance as a broken mother, trying to stick it out until her husband comes home. (She's nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Actress for this film.) And Prendergast does an amazing job of creating  a truly remarkable, feel-good movie, that is somewhat sad, while also being laugh-out-loud.

Definitely worth a look. I actually attempted to rent this multiple times, but I always put it back on the shelf at Blockbuster, because I thought it looked a little too "out there", but I'm glad I finally gave it a chance. One of my favorites of the year, by far.

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