This indie, now out on DVD, is getting lots of Oscar buzz for its star Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers). The movie was absolutely incredible and inspiring. The story follows a man, who's wife has passed and only child is grown and lives oversees, who befriends an immigrant couple he meets in his New York apartment. After the husband, Tarek,  gets into some trouble with the police, Jenkins' character, a professor named Walter Vale, gets to know the wife and mother of the troubled Middle Easterner, as they struggle to get him released. Leaving behind his duties as a professor and the life he normally leads at his home in Connecticut, to focus on his newfound friends, Vale takes an amazing leap of faith to keep his life going. He's finished pretending to be busy and ready to live a life worth meaning.

The cast, which consists of mostly newcomers, is amazing, offering a refreshing change than the last few movies I've seen. Jenkins is great as an older white man, embracing the real him, with the scenes of him and Tarek bonding over playing the djembe being some of the highlights.

Directed greatly by Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent), The Visitor is definitely worth the time. A great movie bound to garner a few trophies, and especially keep an eye on Jenkins this award's season.

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