Meryl Streep is often regarded as one of the best actresses of all time. She's won numerous awards over her career, and holds the record for most Oscar nominations. Her Best Actress nomination for this film is her 15th! And, she's usually deserving of her title.
In Doubt, the film based on the Broadway play of the same name, Streep does her usual, incredible acting job, playing a nun at a 1960's Catholic school who presumes she has uncovered a dark and sinister secret of the head priest's. As she begins taking the situation in her own hands, it's her interactions with others who are involved that really make this story so interesting. Her lingering doubt in the honesty of the priest is what causes the friction between her and the rest of the cast so mesmerizing.
The film, nominated for 5 Academy Awards this year, is alive with great cinematography and incredible acting chops. The all-star cast includes Streep, Amy Adams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Viola Davis, all of whom are Oscar nominees this year for their roles in this film. Davis offers the most poignant, other than Streep, as the mother of the young boy involved. She's only on the screen for maybe 10 minutes, but it is one of the most memorable scenes of the year.
One of the best dramas in recent years, it's even more special that it is adapted for the screen and directed by the playwright, himself. Definitely a must-see movie. 

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