This movie pretty much sucked. But, it was one of those sucked-so-bad-it-was-actually-entertaining movies. The screenplay was ridiculously laughable. Clint Eastwood (who directed, starred, composed the score, and a song) is clearly losing it or something. But, some people seem to like it. It is currently resting at #138 on IMDB's list of 250 Greatest Films of All Time. How? Eastwood. That's really the only excuse I see plausible. Now, maybe it's one of those that I will learn to love, if I see it again. But, come on, the acting was terrible. The lines were extremely cheesy throughout the movie. The story was un-excusably stereotypical and weirdly non-preachy. I only say that because the trailer gives a small hint that the movie will make some sort of comment on society and racial tolerance. But, nope. It's actually full of a ton of racial slurs, which make sense for Eastwood's character, but still seem to never evolve into something more than an excuse to use every slang name again Asians as possible. And, the icing on the cake was when, at the end of the movie, a moving song begins. It's instrumental at first, but, then a voice joins in. It's deep and gravelly. It's effing Clint Eastwood!!! Singing! Too much!
And, I know I wasn't alone in thinking this. As my friends and I (who also felt disappointed) left, we heard many other patrons exclaiming how they felt like they had just wasted their 10 bucks.

Not worth it as a film. But, if you're a Clint Eastwood fan, might as well see it, since he's hinted it will be his last acting gig on screen....but wait for the DVD.

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