review//THE READER

Kate Winslet is at it again with another stellar performance as an ex-Nazi guard on trial for war crimes. And, if that wasn't enough, an affair she has with an underage boy resurfaces after her trial and creates a poignant view into her character's heart-breaking life.
Winslet offers a brilliant turn playing Hannah Schmitz over the years. Ralph Fiennes co-stars as the boy, now grown up. And, newcomer, David Kross plays a young Fiennes.
The movie was pretty good. It's a shock that this is the movie chosen to round out the 5 Best Picture nominees. I could easily see The Dark Knight, Wall-E, or Revolutionary Road being Best Picture noms over The Reader
It was a little frustrating at first, trying to get into the movie, because the way it just dives right in to the story. The middle of the film is where the magic lies. From a beautiful biking holiday in the German countryside, to the trial, this is where the movie really makes a case for itself. After Schmitz's resolution, though, the movie starts dragging again. 
Overall a movie you'll want to see before the Oscars, if you care about seeing all of the nominees, other than that, wait for the DVD. Oh, and be prepared, it's Rated R for a reason....(nudity, nudity, nudity).

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