Kate Winslet has been receiving a huge amount of buzz over her acting in this film, and she deserves every bit of it. This movie is completely driven by the superb performances, at the helm of which is Winslet's tragic turn as the matriarch of the struggling, suburban family.
Directed by Sam Mendes (director of the Oscar-winning American Beauty), the film follows the Wheeler family as they struggle through the mundane, everyday life that encompasses a family in the 1950's suburbs. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Frank, a businessman who is not quite keen on his wife's fanciful dreams, which include the family moving to Paris. Winslet and DiCaprio, who, as you may remember, already proved they work well together after stealing the hearts of moviegoers around the world in Titanic, shine brightly as the couple. Even though they are fighting throughout the majority of the film, it works completely because the two have this incredible chemistry with each other. It seems completely genuine.
But, it's Winslet who steals the show every single time she's on-screen. She's completely heart-breaking. And, after her winning the Golden Globe for this film, and now seeing it, I'm pretty sure she's a guarantee for the Oscar this year.
Though the acting and screenplay are the main focuses of the film, the cinematography adds just enough to keep you completely wrapped up in the film. The 2 hour running time seems to go by pretty quickly as you sit and watch, what feels like, a moving artwork. 
Some of the best performances in recent memory, plus incredible shots, makes this movie definitely worth it. 

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