This is probably the movie getting the most Oscar buzz right now, and I half agree with the raves. However, I think it's receiving a little too much hype, which is probably what caused me to feel a little lackluster after seeing it. Don't get me wrong; it was a fantastic movie. I'm a Danny Boyle fan, and this was a Danny Boyle movie, with the colors and cool angles. It was a great story, told in an original way. It had its humorous moments, and its shocking moments. It had what most movies should. But, that's all it had. It didn't really seem to offer anything more. I went in expecting this breathtaking film, and I left wishing I had the same feeling as I did after other movies, like Benjamin Button or Wall-E.
I do agree with the Oscar buzz. I think the movie has the best chance of any other independent film of getting a Best Picture nomination. And I expect it to be a very close contender in the end, but I'm sure that it will eventually get past the hype and become just a nominee, like the indies before it (Juno and Little Miss Sunshine). 
The story follows a young man from the slums of India as he plays the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". He is being investigated for cheating since he is getting answers right, which is unheard of, since he is uneducated. But, as he explains how he knows the right answers, you find out the struggle of his life: finding the girl he loves. His somewhat epic story of survival in the slums and the ending race to the train station to find her is the heart of the movie. With some interesting side stories, the movie does become a little edge-of-your-seat. 
The movie was great. Worth seeing at some point. And, I'll give Boyle props for creating a moving film without the need for big name Hollywood stars. I'll be intrigued if this movie beats out some of the other, better films (in my opinion) at the awards shows this year.

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