So, it's the first new movie of 2009 that I've seen and it's safe to say that this is one of the best January/February releases in a long time. Usually studios wait and release movies during these months that they know aren't really that good. They hold off on the big money-winners until around April or May, and continue through Christmas. But, this movie was actually endearing, entertaining, and definitely worth the money (well, technically I saw with a gift card, but whatever).
The movie is an ensemble romantic comedy based on a book by the same name that follows a group of people whose lives intersect in the most astounding of ways, especially when it comes to love. Boasting an all-star cast including Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, and the incredible Ginnifer Goodwin (enjoying her first starring film may remember her from Walk the Line), the movie is a little too long, but definitely worth it. Though set in the modern world, with some hilarious one-liners about texting and MySpace, the movie has the feel of an old 1940's comedy, with a bubbly lead and stellar supporting cast. And, where most romantic comedies get cheesy and weepy, He's Just Not That Into You actually keeps from getting too mushy with it's perfectly timed tongue-in-cheek humor. Long, Aniston and Goodwin are the standout performers, whereas Barrymore should have had more screen time, and Johansson should have just skipped this altogether (I'm not a huge fan of her or her character). 
If you're looking for a good quality comedy, especially if you have a date night coming up soon, consider this one.  


Beth said...

awwie you make me want to go watch it!...when I start making money, that is.

amberbaldridge said...

So true! I love that movie!