review//IN BRUGES

Technically, this film is classified as a comedy, and even competed for the Golden Globe for Best Picture, Comedy/Musical, but I'd classify it more as a crime-drama with comedic, tongue-in-cheek elements.
I remember when this movie first released stateside and I thought it looked like a waste of time. I'm not a huge Colin Farrell fan, and the trailer didn't really appeal to me. But, as award season came around, the film suddenly got some notice, most notably at the Golden Globes. It became the little forgotten-about film from the beginning of last year that ultimately triumphed and is now competing for a screenwriting Oscar.
Farrell stars as Ray, a hit-man sent on holiday to Bruges, in Belgium, with Ken (Brendan Gleeson). Their visit, which begins as sightseeing tourists, turn into a bloody runaround with another hit-man, a dwarf, a beautiful actress, and a Canadian couple. I have to give credit to Farrell really does a magnificent job as Ray, which garnered him the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical earlier this year. Gleeson is perfect as the friend who suddenly realized Ray's fate and must suddenly choose how to handle it. There is a great supporting appearance by Ralph Fiennes, as their hit-man boss. 
Its rated R for bloody violence, and boy is there some. From gunshots to people falling from buildings, they don't leave anything to the imagination. The language is also pretty severe. On it lists an astounding 120+ uses of the F-word in the film. But, hey, it is a British movie. Comes with the territory, right?
Definitely a great film that I wish I hadn't looked over until now. Acting is top notch. Cinematography is fantastic. And Bruges, in all of its medieval, fairytale looks, is a great setting that isn't usually seen in movies, especially this type.

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