I planned on seeing this movie in the theater, but when we got to the theater, they weren't showing it anymore, so I had to wait until it came on DVD. I'm a big Michael Cera fan (Superbad and "Arrested Development), and I think Kat Dennings (Charlie Bartlett and The House Bunny) is definitely someone to look out for in the future, plus she's hot, so I was expecting this movie to be pretty good.
The reviews were pretty good for it, and I have to agree with most of the critics. The movie was a great comedy that will definitely be a staple for this time period, when people look back at the films in this decade. It fits right in to the current style of comedy, the same comedy we saw with Juno and Superbad
Set against a hip New York/New Jersey scene, with an incredible soundtrack of it's own, Nick and Norah follows the two main characters' adventure on a single night around town, trying to make it to a secret show by their favorite band. Along the way Nick's bandmates kidnap Norah's drunk friend, and lose her. Nick and Norah try to find her, while still living it up on their own. Throw in there Nick's ex-girlfriend, who immediately becomes jealous of Norah and tries to win Nick back.
Cera shows off his now-signature comedic timing and Dennings, as Norah, chimes right in. The whole thing feels like we're watching real-life. The soundtrack is also a hit, with bands such as Vampire Weekend and Band of Horses making appearances. The overall feeling of the movie is like listening to a sweet indie album, with a couple of almost-emo friends (in a cool way), and a cool down-to-earth girl.
This is a must-see from this past year. Going to be a classic, in the realm of Sleepless in Seattle and Juno.

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