With one of the most interesting movie ideas I've seen in a while, Wristcutters: A Love Story is a quirky dark comedy that follows Zia (Patrick Fugit, Almost Famous) on a search for his girlfriend Desiree. The catch is that he has previously committed suicide, leaving him in a barren world with other self-offed people. Not long after he gets there he finds out that Desiree offed herself not long after he did. So, seeing as she is now in this strange purgatory with him, he travels "cross-country" in order to find her. While on his journey he runs into hitchhiker Mikal, who thinks she is there by mistake, as she didn't really commit suicide, she just accidentally overdosed.
The acting is superb, with a great cameo by Will Arnett. The script is tongue-in-cheek funny, and oddly endearing. And the whole movie is assisted by a great soundtrack.
This movie was released in late 2007 in a limited release and was received pretty well at the Sundance Film Festival; which is why I'm pretty sure that had to have been a mistake. Definitely a movie not to be missed! 

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