Chemistry is definitely something Julia Roberts and Clive Owen have. The two star in Tony Gilroy's Duplicity. The movie is part espionage and part comedy, with Roberts and Owen playing ex government agents (she was CIA, he was MI-6) now working for two big corporations, heading up the security task forces to keep new products from being uncovered by the opposing company. But the two decide to work together in securing the big new product, and possibly sell it themselves. The script was strong, as were the performances, making the over-two-hour runtime flash by. The film was also shot in multiple countries, and artfully done so, with beautiful scenes in Paris (plus a minor shout out to the ATL). Plus, audiences always love seeing America's most famous movie star Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen is always a shockingly good leading man.

Fine performances. A smart script. Clever cinematography. Definitely worth catching.

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