This is PG action at its best, seriously. The story follows two kids (who are really aliens) who appear after a UFO is spotted and believed to have landed in the outskirts of Las Vegas. With the help of a cab driver (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, proving yet again that he is actually a decent actor), the kids must get to Witch Mountain, where the US government has taken their crashed space craft, in order to flee Earth before an alien assassin destroys them.
The movie is edge-of-your-seat, while also kind of funny. Though it's definitely not, and won't be, the best family film of the year, Race to Witch Mountain is a decent flick to actually pay to go see, especially this time of year when most movies fail to impress. Plus, thanks to some Disney magic, the effects are quite top notch for a family film, and the acting is up to Disney standards.

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