Anne Hathaway boasts one of the best acting jobs of 2008 in this movie (for which she was nominated as Best Actress at this year's Academy Awards). It's a small feature by the director of Silence of the Lambs, which follows Kym, a former drug-addict, as she returns home for her older sister's wedding.
As she reconnects with her family, the same drama that led to her demise resurfaces, as she struggles to still find her place within her own. Around her own problems fall those of other family members, like her mother's seemingly distant demeanor, and her father's resurrected feelings over the death of his son years prior.
Hathaway gives the performance of her career, so far, playing Kym, and definitely deserved her Oscar nomination. While she doesn't divulge into drugs, she chooses smoking as her vice to get by. Her snappy remarks during the rehearsal dinner, and her impending downfall over the days prior to the wedding create an awkward and heartbreaking reality that seems only more real when she has interactions with those she loves, and hates, the most.
Rosemarie DeWitt plays Rachel and shines as the older sister who has finally given up on her younger sibling, revealing that she even wishes she were just dead. And, Debra Winger shows up as the mother, giving an incredible performance in her few scenes, most notably when Winger and Hathaway have an incredible exchange regarding the current state of everything, with an ending that will make your jaw drop.
Definitely worth renting. The movie almost felt like watching someone's home video collection, with each character seeming like a real person. Plus, some interesting cameo's pop up, like "American Idol" finalist Tamyra Grey, and the lead singer of TV on the Radio, as Rachel's new husband. 
Check this one out. 

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