I finally broke down and watched it.

I went into it with very, very low expectations, thanks to just about everyone I knew who had read the books and seen the movie. Thanks to these low expectations, I was actually surprised at myself for enjoying it for the most part.

The movie follows Bella, a high schooler who is relocated from bustling Phoenix, AZ to smalltown Forks, WA. Once there she meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen, the dreamiest of all male vampires (and men in general, as girls seem to still be drooling over this guy). 

The movie is shot in Catherine Hardwicke's now-infamous style (much like her previous films Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown). I'm wondering if most of the people who watch Twilight have ever seen these other films, because this style can easily be confused with "low budget" (which is what most of my friends said). Now it is true that the film wasn't shot for anywhere close to what it gained at the box office, but I thought it was a decent job of filming. 

The story got a little cheesy, but I didn't even seem to mind that. My biggest drawback is the casting of Kristin Stewart as Bella. She was horrible! Bad acting at it's worst. 

I was worried at first that I'd become addicted like everyone else, but now my only fear is that all of the young people out there who are "in love" with movie are going to grow up thinking that Stewart's performance is "great" acting.

Great movie. Worth renting. Glad I didn't spend $10 at the theatre. 

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