So far, this is the most-hyped movie of 2009. Based on the most-acclaimed graphic novel of all time, Watchmen is a superhero movie like no other. Set in a fantasy world where its the 1980s and Nixon is still president, and the relations between the US and Russia are so escalated that the "Doomsday Clock" is only 5 minutes from midnight. At a time when the world needs superheroes the most, there seems to be a massacre, to say the least, of superhero-killing proportions.
When these killings target a former colleague of his, Rorschach (a masked figure played amazingly by former child star Jackie Earle Hayley) sets out to uncover the plot and finally lay all worries to rest. Joining up with his other former superheroes, the team learns about themselves and who they've really been all along, while also remembering how awesome it was to kick butt, even though only one of these superheroes actually has any real superpower (thanks to an accident which left him radiantly blue).
The movie wasn't terrible, but it also didn't really live up to the hype. If you want gruesome action, it's all here, and it's at it's best. But, as far as the story goes, I'm sure reading it in the novel is way better than watching it in this movie. The first two hours were kind of leading somewhere, but at some point I just stopped caring and wondered when the movie would just end (which it did....another 40 minutes later!). The characters were interesting, and the outstanding acting by an almost unheard of cast definitely kept the interest going throughout most of the film. But, like I said earlier, the lagging time really tested my patience sitting in the theatre. 
I could tell that if I had read the novel, I probably would have liked the movie a lot better. And, as a fan of all aspects of film, this had some amazing technical fetes, like the cinematography, costumes, and the graphic violence, which seemed artful in a way. I also really enjoyed the opening sequence, to the tune of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'". 
A long movie. A lot of hype. I'd wait for the DVD, so I could at least pause the movie to use the bathroom and stretch. Also, a warning for everyone: for some reason Billy Crudup's Dr. Manhattan (the blue guy) forgets to wear his underwear throughout most of the movie... 

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