I'm an animal lover. I try to be green as much as possible (ok, I at least think about being doesn't quite happen as much as I like). Also, I loved the "Planet Earth" series when it was popular a couple of years ago. So, I undoubtedly wanted to go see Disney's new Earth, released under their new label Disneynature, designed to revive the nature documentaries that once reigned supreme at awards shows.

The movie is actually filmed by two of the "Planet Earth" alums and they definitely know their stuff. The footage is incredible. The story mainly follows three parent/child creatures: polar bears in the Arctic north, elephants in the African deserts, and humpback whales in the oceans traveling toward the South pole. 

Along the way, you'll learn all about the changing of seasons and migration patterns of some of the most incredible places on Earth. And, being narrated by James Earl Jones, it's hard to not find it all soothing. The nice Disney touches along the way add to the kid-friendly, but still brutally honest documentary. 

Definitely worth seeing, especially on the big screen. The footage is nearly breathtaking. And keep an eye out for some crazy birds in the definitely steals the show with his mating pattern. I couldn't stop laughing.

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