Second day in a row going to the movies!

Terminator Salvation is considered the 2nd big blockbuster movie of the summer, after Star Trek, but it really starts the summer movie season, since it opened Memorial Day weekend. And, boy is it a good one to start with. This movie is a lot like Star Trek in its never-stopping action scenes, but where ST had humor Terminator Salvation takes itself very, very seriously, maybe too seriously. But, hey, it's an action movie.
Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the son of the first Terminator film Sarah Connor, in the year 2018 as the machines have fully taken over. He is part of a group of the only survivors left who call themselves the Resistance. He uses tapes his mother made to help in finding his father (who has transported to the future as a teenager, played by Anton Yelchin), because if his father dies, it will rewrite all of the past and the future. Along the way we run into Marcus Wright, a human with a dirty past and an incredible future (I don't want to spoil anything here).
Lots of action. Lots of great performances. Lots of cheesy lines. Lots of needless, but fun, action. Plus, a cameo by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (not really him, but a stunt double with a digital Arnold face put on in post-production), and that infamous line "I'll be back".
Definitely worth seeing.

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