Pixar has done it again. It's their 10th film and they still have it. Memorable characters, heart-warming stories, humor for kids and adults, Up was full of it all.

The movie, which is only available in 3D in my town (which was a little annoying because it cost an extra $2), follows Carl Fredricksen, an old balloon salesman who's love of adventure as a child transpired into an incredible life with his wife, and has since ended as she passed and the world grew up around them, literally. He's stuck in the middle of a bustling city, skyscrapers being built all around his little, white-picket fence house. As soon as he is asked to move to a retirement home, he does the unthinkable. He attaches hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions, of balloons to his house and takes off. Low and behold, as soon as he is out of sight, there is a knock at the door. Russell, a young adventurer has accidentally come along for the ride. The two build an amazing friendship as they see some of the most breathtaking sites.
Russell and Carl are both incredible and hilarious. A few supporting cast members pop up here and there, especially Dug, a dog that can talk....sort of. This is where my only criticism comes. I thought Dug was hilarious. The whole "talking collar" idea was genius. But, when other dogs joined in, the joke lost all of its humor. Even the kids in the audience weren't buying it as funny. Then, when that couldn't get any worse, the other dogs started flying planes. What?!
I know the film's plot is pretty unbelievable. A house flying by balloons to South America? But that's where Disney and Pixar become true magicians. They made Monsters believable. They made talking Cars believable. They made an incredible little gem of a movie with Wall-E. But, they dogs flying the planes in a story about humans doesn't quite fit.
Up was fantastic. The 3D, despite the extra bucks, was a nice touch. Definitely not Pixar's best movie (I'm sticking with either Toy Story or Wall-E), but Up is the best movie of the year, so far.

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