Sandra Bullock is back and at the top of her game. She hasn't been around the world of romantic comedies in quite a while, actually 7 years ago was her last foray into the genre with Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice.
This summer she is the queen of the box office as The Proposal has passed the $100 million mark and it's opening gross of $34 mill set a new record high for Bullock. She ruled the box office in the 90's as America's sweetheart in movies such as Speed and While You Were Sleeping, and even snagged two Golden Globe nominations in her career. Then she went through a low period. After Crash won the Oscar for Best Picture and gave her her first real award buzz, she picked box office dud after box office dud, like The Lake House and Premonition. But, this rom-com with Ryan Reynolds is putting her back in the playing field. She plays Reynolds' tough boss who convinces him to marry her in order to keep her from getting deported back to Canada after her visa expires.
With slapstick comedy, great supporting characters (like the scene-stealing Betty White) and a lot of heart, The Proposal is a delight. The audience I saw it with wouldn't stop laughing. And everyone, girl and guy, was saying how much they enjoyed it as they left.

Definitely check this one out. A treasure among the lackluster summer blockbusters.

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