First off, let me say that I'm a huge Sandra Bullock fan. I know she doesn't always make the best choices in movie roles, and she definitely has the potential to do some amazing dramatic work, but the whole romantic-comedy role just fits her perfectly.
In All About Steve she delves a little deeper than her normal "Girl Next Door" character. Mary Horowitz is a little "off", you could say. She's a very smart, sometimes neurotic, crossword puzzle creator. Steve (played by the quickly-becoming-famous Bradley Cooper) is a cameraman for CCN, the national news station who sends him on the road with a pompous reporter to different newsworthy locations all over the midwest.
After a brief encounter on a blind date, Mary falls for Steve and Steve does not fall for Mary. When Mary loses her job, she thinks its a sign to follow Steve to each of his destinations.
Though Mary is an interesting, and rather forgettable person, Bullock's endearing portrayal leaves you really feeling for her. The stuttering voiceovers get a little annoying, but overall you really want her to come out the winner. Her struggle to become "normal" turns out to be a lesson we can all learn about how being normal isn't really that great a feat.
Overall the film isn't going be a classic, or even remembered when awards season comes around, but in the realm of entertainment All About Steve was full of laughs and some clever lines. The best being Mary's defense to why she wears her red boots: "It makes my toes feel like 10 friends on a camping trip."

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