Best. Movie. Of. The. Year.
So far....of course.

I've been wanting to see this movie since I first saw the trailer earlier this year. But, as with most things, I was pretty skeptical that I had raised my hopes so high that I was going to be completely let down when I finally saw it. But, I was not in the least bit.
The movie follows Charlene Yi as herself traveling around the country asking real people what love is, because she doesn't think it exists for her. In the process of filming the documentary, she meets Michael Cera (playing himself) and subsequently falls in love. But, when she's afraid to admit that she has fallen in love, Cera ends his pursuit, giving Yi the first real taste of what its like to have a broken heart.
I was literally laughing out loud pretty much the entire time. Yi's casual sense of humor and Cera's (pardon the language) adorable personality work amazingly well together. Mixed with the stories of real people around the country, and some awesome kids from here in Atlanta, Paper Heart is the most honest movie of the year. I left the theater with an extra skip in my step and a special place in my paper heart for my one true love, wherever she may be.

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