I wasn't sure what to expect going in to this movie. First off, it's a story that I've heard a billion times, if not more. Second, it had Jim Carrey in it. Now, I'm not trying to diss Carrey at all but his style of humor gets old sometimes. Third, the animation was either going to be incredible or really video-game-esque (which drives me nuts).
Well, all of my worries were thrown out once the movie started. The 3-D animation was incredible. Some shots actually had me breathless. I thought I was looking at real footage of London. The story, even though the lines were the same, was still fresh as director Robert Zemeckis kept things very similar to the book and used the animation to keep it very new and interesting. Carrey's performance as most of the main characters was spot on. The humor wasn't too over the top.
This movie will definitely go down as one of the classic holiday movies in recent years, and as one of the best adaptations of Dickens' classic tale. Even though I had heard the story a billion times, some of the points had never been as clear as they were when watching this version.
Definitely go check this out. Make sure to see it in 3-D. Incredible.
It was funny, actually. After the movie, my friends and I couldn't stop speaking in (horrible) British accents and wishing every person we saw a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year", or finishing every sentence with "God bless us, everyone."

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