I thought it was a bad move for Sandra Bullock to go face to face with the world's most popular franchise, The Twilight Saga. But, America's Sweetheart proved she is still a force to be reckoned with when The Blind Side became Sandra Bullock's 2nd movie to top $100 million this year, alone. It was also her best opening weekend ever (a record she already broke earlier this year with The Proposal). It's safe to say that everyone, critics and audiences alike, are falling back in love with Bullock (and forgetting poor choices like All About Steve).

The movie could have been a run-of-the-mill sports drama with a cheesy, predictable ending and sweeping "inspirational" music. But, thanks to director John Lee Hancock, the movie was inspirational, without being overly cheery, cheesy, or progressing under false happiness. The characters, being based on a real people, did seem real (except little SJ got on my nerves a tad). Bullock stole the show giving, possibly, her best performance of her career....and leading lots of critics to start throwing her name in the Oscar predictions.

This movie is definitely worth the hype its gotten after giving New Moon a run for its money (and could still stay on top in the next few weeks). Go see it!

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