This one has been on my list to see for a while and, after it's amazing reviews and recent award nominations, I couldn't wait any longer. It was definitely worth the wait. The Hurt Locker is not your run-of-the-mill Iraq war movie. It's something more. It's style, in the popular shaky camera form, takes you to the front lines with an Army bomb squad. After newcomer SSgt. William James shows off his unconventional ways to the group, they continue their duties in a town where every person could be a potential enemy, and danger could occur around every corner.
The most surprising thing about the movie (and I apologize if this seems sexist) is that the director is a female. Kathryn Bigelow takes charge on ground not usually covered by women. But this isn't her first time. She helmed K-19: Widowmaker. Her film here is a stunning portrait of what is going on in Iraq, without be overzealous or unoriginal, especially since so many other films have paved the way before it with similar subject matter. Thanks to Bigelow, The Hurt Locker seems fresh and is, in my opinion, the BEST of the Iraq war films thus far.
Also, newcomer Jeremy Renner (as James) shines in his first starring role. He's tough-as-nails and earns the rave reviews he's been getting (and even some Oscar buzz).
The movie is never dull, and the explosions are shot in such form that it's almost artsy, while staying tough and true. Great movie. Great cast. More proof that you don't need a name to make your mark in cinema history. Definitely check this one out. I think Oscar is going to be attached to it's name in the future.

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