I don't really have much to say about this. I went with a group of friends, half of which were TOO excited about seeing this new installment in the Twilight saga. It was entertaining enough to keep me awake, but I definitely do not see how a movie like this is allowed to set records The Dark Knight style. The story is just a continuation of the Bella/Edward love story from the first film, except throw in a werewolf named Jacob and you've got your love-triangle plot line. The girls in the audience swooned the first time Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took his shirt off. And, the audience as a whole made quite the critics during other scenes, like the slow motion run through the forest with Bella in a flowing white gown. Lots of giggles because it was super cheesy.

Popcorn, teen fluff. Wait until the DVD if you haven't already seen it. But, if there's something more interesting sitting next to it at Blockbuster, go with your other choice!

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