The Coen Brothers have been pumping out movies right and left for the past few years. Some have been awards favorites (like best picture winner No Country For Old Men), while others have been fan favorites (like Burn After Reading). With 2009's A Serious Man, they achieve both.
          The story, set in 1967,  follows Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg), a Midwestern college professor trying to handle the stresses of life, including the separation from his wife (at her choosing). It's a comedy, of sorts, and the Coen's don't let you forget that life has a few laughs, with their trademark dialogue. The story is interesting and different than anything I've seen recently. The cast is superb, especially for being a group of unknowns.  The Coen's have said that some of the film is auto-biographical, as related to their upbringing as Jewish kids in the Midwest. Stuhlbarg gives a great performance as a man trying to cope with life's crap, while staying strong in the eyes of others (with the occasional breakdown we're all allowed).
          You'll definitely hear this movie as the awards season gets underway (it's nominated for a Golden Globe this Sunday) and you definitely don't want to miss it. Another classic from 2009 and from the Coens.

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