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I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I didn't cry when he died. I do not own a flashy MJ t-shirt. But, I did feel somewhat sad when I first heard of his passing. I've got a nice collection of his music on my iPod. I've been known to nod my head up-and-down when I hear "Beat It" or "Billie Jean". So, naturally, I was semi-interested in seeing this documentary about the rehearsals for his comeback concert series that was to have started just a week after he passed.
Kenny Ortega (the director of High School Musical) was the director of the stage show that would have been an incredible spectacle in it's own right. Here he takes the rehearsal footage and edits it into an incredible look at the final days of the King of Pop. It's an interesting glimpse into how MJ's mind worked. He really was an incredible artist with a lot of ideas in his head. His personal life is sometimes questionable, but who are we to judge?
The lights and flashy sets are breathtaking. The energy of the dancing and arrangements keep the pace going. There's even a fun reboot of the "Thriller" music video. This movie is definitely worth a rental. Even if you're not an MJ fan, you should still appreciate the often unseen look at how an artist works.

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