review//GREEN ZONE

My presumptions before going to see this movie were that Paul Greengrass had created another Bourne-esque adventure starring Matt Damon. Not that that is a bad thing. I love the Bourne trilogy (the third film being my favorite). But Greengrass surprised me with an accurate, if somewhat political, look at the war in Iraq from the view of a team of soldiers sent in the find the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) that America (and the President) was looking for. Damon, as the head of his platoon, finds it suspicious that every location they search, they come up empty-handed, especially when he finds out that the same locations have already been scouted out before.
At this moment we enter the real drama that makes up Green Zone. It becomes more about the behind-the-scenes corruption than the actual battle in Iraq, hence the title, which refers to the safe area in Baghdad where the soldiers and higher-ups find themselves.
Greengrass incorporates the same signature shaky-cam/gritty style we've come to expect. As the storyline goes, it's a little predictable as far as the themes go, but it delivers an original aspect we haven't seen before in films about the current war. Green Zone mixes the thrills and adventure of the Bourne movies with the politics and drama of United 93 (Greengrass' Oscar-nominated film). Definitely worth checking out if you've seen every other "good" film at the cinema, or save the money and wait for the DVD. 

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