Wes Anderson is a genius. And Fantastic Mr. Fox is, well, fantastic.
The ensemble cast alone is film royalty with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Bill Murray leading the pack of voices.
Based loosely on Roald Dahl's book of the same name, the film follows Mr. Fox (Clooney) and company as they try to outsmart the humans that have built farms/businesses on the land. The animals end up moving into the sewers below the buildings to increase their chances of being successful at swiping and eating as much food as possible. And, naturally, action and adventure ensue. The dialogue is delightful and refreshing. The animation is brilliant and beautiful. This is definitely one of those films that is probably really more for the adults than the kids. Even some of the humor is adult, but censored (in a unique way) for the kids that may be watching. (Instead of using foul language, the animals replace every bad word with the word "cuss". It's hilarious.)
Nominated for 2 Academy Awards this year, including Best Animated Feature, Fantastic Mr. Fox is definitely worth your time. It's my favorite animated movie of the year, and one of my overall Top 10 favorites of 2009. 

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