review//TOY STORY 3

Rarely, very rarely, does a sequel outdo an original film. Even more rare is when a third film shines like Toy Story 3. The film has opened to incredible box office numbers, and the critical acclaim for the film has already put it as a frontrunner, for right now, for next year's Best Picture race.
Pixar hasn't made a bad movie yet (although some would argue A Bug's Life or Cars aren't nearly as up to par as others), and Toy Story 3 was being thought as their first potential "bad idea". Not so, at all.
I've had the privilege of seeing this twice now and both times I've walked away appreciating everything about cinema. There's adventure, humor, love, and most remarkably, an ending so touching it left the audience speechless.
The movie, standing alone, is a great film, but as a cap on an illustrious franchise, it is brilliant. It's been fifteen years since we first met Woody and Buzz and eleven since we last went on an adventure with them. Those of us who were kids when the first picture was released are now old enough to have kids to take with us. Those who are kids now have had the pleasure of getting to know Woody and Buzz as classic cartoon characters. Rarely does this happen, too. Parents and kids appreciate these characters as if they were Mickey or Bugs, the original kings of animation.
To be fair and review just this third installment, it is safe to say that if you aren't invested in the first two films, you'll probably be better at waiting to see this at home. But, even then, you're bound to enjoy it. The script is top-notch. The animation is unbelievable. The tale is classic.
Definitely make a point to catch this one while it's out. I've seen it both times in 3D. While it didn't necessarily enhance anything, it also didn't distract. The only negative is that it bumped my $10 movie ticket to $13.
Also, just a fair warning, you may want a tissue or something. It gets emotionally brutal towards the end.

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