you are not banksy

One of my favorite artists of all time (yes, of all time!) is Bristol graffiti artist Banksy. The controversial artist not only creates unique public pieces of work but has managed to mask his identity. And, even without a public identity, he's been able to travel worldwide, leave pieces of art in the craziest of places, and even earn an Oscar nomination for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. His built such a name for himself that his illegal artwork has been allowed to stay and has become the basis for many legal battles over the property he chooses as his canvases (one house listed for sale in London changed their listing from a property sale to a high end art auction; a defaced billboard in Los Angeles was the center of a law suit after the customer who paid for the ad which was defaced sued the billboard owners for taking the artwork down, stating that the addition of the Banksy art added value to the advertisement).
Los Angeles artist Nick Stern has now immortalized some of Banksy's most famous works in a new collection of photographs titled "You Are Not Banksy" using live models to recreate the famous paintings. Here are some of the best shots!

For more on Nick Stern and his work, check out his store here.


mark said...

One of your favourite artists of all time? But you don't know where he's from! He's from Bristol, not London.

Scottie Knollin said...

Thanks for the correction!