BREAKING//Tina Fey & Amy Poehler to Host Golden Globes

TVLine is reporting that NBC has undoubtedly made one of the smartest choices of the year (the other is still to be determined the first Tuesday in November) by hiring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host January's Golden Globe Awards.
The two have great comedic timing and chemistry, which was evident on countless "Saturday Night Live" sketches (who could forget the infamous Palin/Clinton gig) and in the way under-celebrated comedy gem Baby Mama (seriously, it's hilarious). They are also both female heavyweights on their own, Fey writes/produces/stars on NBC's 30 Rock (which has garnered her a hefty shelfful of awards) and Poehler writes/produces/stars on NBC's Parks & Recreation, a show with it's own cult and critical following.
The Globes are celebrating their 70th ceremony this year and it may just serve them right to pull out a stop like this after last year's Ricky Gervais-hosted show feeling like a drub repeat of the year before. And, with the Academy Awards announcing last month that Seth MacFarlane would be hosting it's ceremony next year, it's looking to be a big year for television.
This could be the biggest night in entertainment...or, at least, the best night to be an audience member watching from home. 

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