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Not only was last night the 85th Academy Awards, but it was a night for the history books in more ways than one. It was also a great way to end an exciting and strange awards season. It's been a race with few clear frontrunners, leaving most people's Oscar pools wide open. I ended surprisingly well, with 17 out of 24 correct. How'd you do?
The night started off a little shaky with Seth MacFarlane's interesting opening number. After a few minutes the gag finally set in and with a quick showing of the "boob" song, this were underway. MacFarlane has been blasted all day by the critics, while most of us "normal" people have given him props. It definitely helps that the ceremony, in general, was pretty refreshing. The past few years have been shaky, forgettable ceremonies, which isn't good when you're referring to the biggest award show around. And, the sock puppet Flight was pretty great, as well.
From edgy and classy jokes, to special tributes to James Bond and the modern movie musical, the show definitely didn't shy away from providing extra entertainment. Watching felt very similar to what it must have been to watch some of the classic telecast from decades ago.
The show had a lot of substance, too. It never felt short of providing good, quality entertainment and very deserving winners.
On top of some givens in a few categories, each award was still exciting. There was a tie in the Sound Editing category. Daniel Day-Lewis became the first actor to ever win 3 Lead Actor awards. Jennifer Lawrence put another feather in her hat with a Best Actress win. And, she also left an impression after tripping on the way to the stage. Ben Affleck's Argo became the first film in over 20 years to win without a Best Director nod. And, Ang Lee won Best Director for the second time without his movie winning the big award, plus the Best Picture was given by Jack Nicholson. That happened last time, too, when Crash beat out Brokeback Mountain.
The musical numbers were perfect. Adele, Norah Jones, Shirley Bassey, and Barbra Streisand sang solo and the casts of Les MIserables, Chicago, and Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls led the salute to musicals from the past decade.
There weren't too many misses throughout the evening. A few jokes fell flat, but overall the 3 1/2 hour ceremony flew by.
What were your favorite moments? Tell me in the comments below.

Here's a look at the complete list of winners:

Best Picture: ARGO
Best Director: Ang Lee, LIFE OF PI
Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, LINCOLN
Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK
Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, DJANGO UNCHAINED
Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, LES MISERABLES
Best Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, DJANGO UNCHAINED
Best Adapted Screenplay: Chris Terrio, ARGO
Best Original Score: LIFE OF PI
Best Original Song: "Skyfall", Adele, SKYFALL
Best Animated Film: BRAVE
Best Foreign Film: AMOUR (Austria)
Best Cinematography: LIFE OF PI
Best Costume Design: ANNA KARENINA
Best Film Editing: ARGO
Best Documentary, Short: INOCENTE
Best Makeup/Hairstyling: LES MISERABLES
Best Production Design: LINCOLN
Best Sound Editing: SKYFALL and ZERO DARK THIRTY
Best Sound Mixing: LES MISERABLES
Best Visual Effects: LIFE OF PI
Best Short Film, Live Action: CURFEW
Best Short Film, Animated: PAPERMAN

For more information on the Oscars or to watch the entire ceremony, click here

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