It's pretty hard to miss anything Kardashian, even if you don't watch the E! television show. If you have problems remembering which brunette is which, it doesn't matter. You still recognize a Kardashian face on each and every magazine cover they grace. You hear their names constantly on the news, whether pop culture or regular. They've literally taken the world by storm over the years and mix in a little Kanye results in a newsworthy (in our culture) event of epic proportions.

It seems like just yesterday Kim's name was on the lips of people wondering if her newest dating rumor was true. While she was still legally married was she really dating Kanye West? Not that he hasn't produced some great tunes over the years, but the infamously rude and self-righteous music artist was seen as more of a Chris Brown-like bad guy (much to the blame of his famous spotlight-stealing moment with America's sweetheart, Taylor Swift, at the VMA's). After doing some soul searching and image fixing (both laughable in reality), West re-imagined himself as a hard, give-no-eff, gift from God. His friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce helped him solidify a little return to the American/world masses. But, Kim came out of left field.

Kim's Hollywood dating has been the spectacle of many for years thanks to her famous-for-being-famous lifestyle. She was most famous recently for her quick, short-lived wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries. Btw, how unfortunate is his shared name with her mom, Kris Jenner? Awkward.

This new relationship was every tabloid and Perez Hilton's dream. Just like her previous marriage, and impending divorce, most felt like it was some sort of publicity stunt. The wedding alone brought in millions of viewers for E!. Then came the news of her pregnancy. The girl known for her big booty would now be sporting a baby bump with the spawn of, what can only be described as, the most in-love-with-himself person out there.

The pregnancy was closely followed, not only by Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but by every money hungry paparazzi out there. We were allowed to know the ins and outs of every moment of the pregnancy. We could read about it in magazines, our local newspapers, blogs, Twitter, and of course on pretty much every newscast. The E! reality show saw a boost of viewers without having to up its advertising or anything. This was either a perfect ploy or a genius coincidence.

In the months since the pregnancy was announced, speculation over the type of dad Kanye would be and how the baby would play into their plans for the future have been the conversations around water coolers everywhere. While it's not really any of our business what goes on in their personal lives, these are the royalty of America, so it makes sense why we would care. Actually, never mind, it doesn't. This is exactly what they want, though. Why else would the Kardashian/Jenner clan post every embarrassing moment of their life on international television? They generate tons and tons of sponsorships, licensing agreements, and, frankly, money. What a business!

Born weeks prematurely, the baby's arrival this past Saturday only cements that either God has a deal with Kanye or an interesting sense of humor. Today, June 18, marks the debut of Kanye's newest album, Yeezus. Int he past week he has fought "leaks" of his album online (which is industry speak for "we 'accidentally' let it out so people would talk about it), he's fielded reports of possible cheating (again, getting his name out there in the conversation), and then he shocked everyone by being at Cedars-Sinai Friday night for the baby's Saturday morning birth.

Not only are West and Kardashian already owners of a lot of pop culture space, they're now going to make millions from baby pics, interviews, appearances, use of baby products, etc. One Hardcore Pawn star has even said the baby's poop-filled diaper could rack up $$$. Crazy!

How does this happen? How do pop culture icons become such important names in our daily lives? Is this healthy? I'd like to say no, but how do we avoid it? The true testament to the power of the pop culture corporation will be Kimye's still-unnamed child. What will it be like for her to grow up in everyone's view? Like Suri Cruise and Blue Ivy Carter before her, she'd got some big shoes to either avoid or fill. Too bad it won't be up to her to decide. I have a feeling a baby Kardashian line will be in Dash stores soon.

What do you think of Kim and Kanye's baby? Should we even care? Is it a coincidence that the baby was born the weekend before Kanye's album dropped or are him and God bff's? (That last question is completely tongue-in-cheek.)


Caitlin Causey said...

Great article, Scoots! Always have loved your pop culture perspective! Poor little Baby Kimye...what a life is ahead of her.

Scottie Knollin said...

Thanks Cait!