review//YOU'RE NEXT

Grade: C

Directed by Adam Wingard
Starring: Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Joe Swanberg

When it comes to horror films there are a few cliche moments that are inevitably going to happen. You're Next doesn't skip out on any of them. This would be okay, if You're Next led us to believe it was intended satire, but the set-up of the newest in possible-great-horror-films makes it look like a poorly scripted attempt at true horror.

An unknown cast stars in Adam Wingard's (who directed this film before his breakout V/H/S segment) bloody mess about a group of siblings meeting at their parents' huge vacation home to celebrate their parents' anniversary. They each bring their significant others and dinner goes as planned. To back up, though, the film doesn't open with this family, but a seemingly random violent act involving the murder of a man and his young mistress, in cold blood. Later we find out that this man is the neighbor of the parents and his home ends up being the death scene for one of our innocent family members.

Back to dinner, two of the brothers are in the midst of an argument when an arrow slices through one of the dining room windows, impaling a dinner guest and putting into motion the chaos that is to follow. From this point on, the picture is a mix of gore, frights, and cheesy dialogue. I actually rolled my eyes quite a bit at first and the entire audience was very vocal about how ridiculous each and every word/idea was throughout the first half of the film. I couldn't believe any well-meaning director would allow such crap to infiltrate an otherwise great horror flick. Then I caught on...

By the second half, the point was becoming clear. This was meant to be taken very tongue-in-cheek. Scary and funny. Once I was in on the joke, I could appreciate it a little more. Too bad the premise didn't lead into the "joke" sooner or I'd have possibly enjoyed the first half as much as the second.

The gore and frights are enough to warrant a viewing, if you're a fan of horror. The acting is sometimes distracting, especially in the aforementioned first half. The effects are the real special piece here. A few crazy events occur and are realistic enough to have you clenching your stomach (especially one involving a blender).

While not the most original or creative horror film, You're Next is a fun ride. It's surprising that the film, which debuted at film festivals back in 2011, took so long to make it to theaters. I don't think this will be a huge hit, but it'll no doubt enjoy a first weekend push like other, similar films have seen this year, like The Purge.

Rating: R
Runtime: 95 minutes

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