WONDER OF WONDERS, THE RUMORS WERE TRUE. Last night, at MTV’s Video Music Awards, the boys of NSYNC were all in the same place, at the same time, doing the same dance moves and singing the same song. What a wonderful world.

I first heard rumors last week of a reunion, but when I searched for news stories, I found nothing official. Worry set it. What if it was all a big lie and everything in the world was the worst, and no, I don’t think I’m being a little dramatic! Articles mentioned that MTV had done this before with other performances (let it slip that they were happening). The phrase “worst kept secret” was thrown around, and quite frankly, I don’t think they tried all that hard to keep it a secret. NSYNC’s fans don’t have a lot of overlap with MTV’s target audience, so, duh, they’re going to let it slip so they’ll actually have people responding via social media.

Still…the lack of any official statement had me worried about whether or not we’d all been lied to and how many trust issues I’d have after this. But then, on Saturday, this tweet showed up on the internet:

Why create a twitter for a boy band that no longer exists UNLESS THEY’RE GOING TO EXIST AGAIN SOON???

So I began to let hope grow. But not too much, because it could all still be a dirty, dirty lie.

Last night, at 8:30, I turned on the TV to MTV. Honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I actually watched MTV. A couple of weeks ago, I flipped between an episode of Criminal Minds and Catfish because I had no idea what Catfish is and I was curious. (But, of course I was more focused on Criminal Minds because I’m pretty convinced I could be a great criminal profiler with enough education. This happens a lot with any TV show I watch in marathon-form.) But that was the last time I actually tuned into MTV on purpose. I wasn’t super surprised that I was confused and a little scared. I had to use SoundHound to figure out who Austin Mahone was, then googled him. Lady GaGa’s performance was strange, but I expected that. (Side note: she spent the whole night in her weird bikini. Did you forget to bring pants from home? Is it, like, super comfortable or something? So many questions.)

The BEST part of the red carpet was the Divergent Trailer (!!!). If you haven’t read this book, you need to.

Miley and Robin Thicke’s performance was exactly zero percent surprising, and 100% upsetting. Taylor Swift is still mad at Harry Styles and told him to shut up, while he was literally doing his job, which, by the way, was presenting an award to her bestie.

A bunch of other people won awards, but if we’re being honest, I don’t remember.

Jared Leto upset a ton of people by essentially having the audience worship Kanye before his performance. YIKES. Kanye performed and I was just wondering if Kim was at home with North, which I suspect she was, since the camera man didn’t show her in the audience, though they could’ve, which just shows how much I was paying attention.

FINALLY, Jimmy Fallon came out, which meant that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WAS COMING. As he was walking through the lobby or whatever, I was so sure I saw JC and Joey, but it wasn’t them. Justin performed a medley of his greatest hits, which are pretty great. I was literally so nervous the whole time, wondering if I’d just sat through an hour of the VMAs for nothing. BUT THEN, there they were!

I hoped they’d pop out of the stage like Kelly and Michelle did at the Super Bowl (HOW GREAT WAS THAT???) And I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that it heavily featured Justin as opposed to the whole group, but for some reason I was. And for about two minutes and ten seconds, it was like NSYNC was still a group. But as suddenly as they were there, they were gone.

Justin finished his performance, but I was still pretty excited about NSYNC, so I was only half aware of it. He gave his speech, where he was very appreciative of his four besties, saying that the Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award belonged to all of them, but they could keep it at his house. Haha, I guess? (But really, I’d want it at my house too if I’d won it.)

For however short a time it was that NSYNC reunited, it was wonderful. I have so much hope for a full-fledged reunion, and if it happens, I will buy tickets. Listen, Backstreet has been back a few times, alright? And while I was a BSB fan growing up, with age comes wisdom, and I’ve seen the light. That God Must’ve Spent a Little More Time on You, NSYNC. 

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