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Grade: A+

Directed by Adam McKay
Starring: Will Ferrel, Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate

The Legend and the allure that surrounds and creates the cult appeal of the original Anchorman surely does continue with this second installment in the epic news story. I am very thankful for this as the thought of a sequel to (in my opinion) such a hilarious and awesome original was always a bit of a worry to me. Other movies with such a level of original hilarity have let me down in the past (cue Hangover: Part II), so when I heard them announce a sequel to Anchorman, I wanted to believe, but still had my doubts. It only took the first scene in the movie to put all fears to rest and let me sit back in my seat and prepare for an onslaught of laughter that left my face and body sore from the endless explosions of laughter. If any level of proof need be provided as an example of the intense laughter this movie crated, let it be the fact that I feel I need to see the movie a second time in a less crowded theatre so that I may hear all of the dialogue I missed the first time.

This sequel kicks off in the same style as the original movie, dialogue over a wide open flying shot, but quickly takes a turn that instantly assures you that you are in for quite the ride. I personally believe if the theatre seats had seat belts it would have been completely appropriate and understandable to buckle them at that time.

I tried to limit my exposure to previews and trailers for the movie so that I could enjoy it in its fullest when I first watched it. This had left me with almost no grasp of what the storyline of this movie would include and for that, I thank me. I was very excited to be reunited with all of the important characters from the original movie, as well as quite a few similar plot ideas. I wouldn't say this was a complete copy of the original plot by any means, but a lot of similarities kept it real and gave it the same vibe as the original, which I consider to be a win. Don't get me wrong though, there were quite a few things that pleasantly surprised me and added to the experience.

My favorite feature that I found to be much more present in this plot was the use of satire against the modern media/news machine. The writers were not afraid to poke fun at the way news stations run and the content they output. I feel it was more apparent to me in this sequel as it was more based around the progression to the modern news, which I have experienced for myself, as opposed to the original, which poked fun at a generation of news I was not around to see. In the end, that combined with some real lessons in true-life morals really added to create something more than just a smorgasbord of jokes and humor.

From beginning to end, the pure comedy gold, quotable moments, and laughter I received from this film are unmatched by few, if any, movies I have ever seen. For a movie like this I feel that is the ultimate goal and why I ultimately gave it an A+. Will Ferrell and the gang have the no-holds-barred comedy down pat and I love it. Give me a few days and I'll probably be back in the theatre trying to hear the rest of those jokes I missed due to the uncontrollable laughter. It will take a while for me to make a decision whether this installment can stand up to the original, but the fact that I have to think to make that decision, for me, shows that they did an excellent job in continuing the Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 119 minutes

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