Greetings! We've finally made it to one of my favorite holidays! CHRISTMAS! Do you want to know why it's one of my favorite holidays? CHRISTMAS SONGS! And Christmas movies, and Christmas cookies, and Christmas decorations, and so many other reasons. But mostly, it's Christmas songs. Whether they're old or new, I love them with very few exceptions (Christmas Shoes, Same Old Lang Syne, get out here!). I'm very upset that B98.5 isn't playing non-stop Christmas music right now. Bring back Peach 94.9! (You feel me, ATL?) I firmly believe every artist/band should seriously consider releasing a Christmas album. Even rappers. And don't tell me it can't be done. "Ho-Ho-HOLD UP" is one option for a lyric so, if I can come up with a line for a Christmas rap song, Jay-Z most certainly can come up with something. 

I know some people don't like Christmas songs (your Scrooges and Grinches, but their hearts were changed in the end. The Grinch's heart through song), but guess what, I love them so. much. It's because I'm vain and I sound good when I sing them, and also because of nostalgia. Christmas is just such a wonderful time, and for one glorious month, you're taken back to childhood by the songs you've heard since you were a tiny child. Christmas songs are the soundtrack to you asking Santa for a puppy for the billionth time, lying to your mom about how much icing/cookie dough you've eaten, and classroom Christmas parties. And because they're timeless, they're also the soundtrack to every movie marathon, road trip, and Tacky or Classy Christmas party you've ever experienced as an adult. 

So, over the next 12 (week)days, you'll all get a little glimpse into 12 of my favorite Christmas songs as well as 12 Christmas movies you can enjoy this Christmas. I can absolutely promise you that you won't find another song list quite like this one, for many reasons. You can disagree with me about how great these songs are, and that's fine, just know that you're wrong. I hope you're all very excited, because I'm listening to N*Sync Holiday Radio on Pandora, making my list and checking it twice, and getting SO PUMPED to share with you the 12 most played Christmas songs on my Christmas playlist. 

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