On the 9th day of Christmas, this is my favorite song:

My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears

"Santa, can you hear me?" Yes, Britney, he probably can, and actually, because you're a famous pop star and this song is playing on the radio, the chances are significantly higher that he heard/hears you. "I have been so good this year." Relatively speaking, okay. "All I want is one thing. Tell me my true love is here!" This feels a little out of Santa's territory? But hey, it cannot hurt to ask, right?

My love for this song is directly related to my desire to dance to any and everything, my love of Christmas and Christmas songs, and my love for the sounds of my youth. I remember popping Britney's first CD into my portable CD player (you have to hold it flat or else the CD won't play right) and listening to it for hours. I still listen to it, but mostly this one track called "E-mail My Heart" which is hilarious, for obvious reasons. "My Only Wish (This Year)" is a wonderful song because it strikes the perfect balance between pop-y, Christmas-y, and danceable, but I also have a lot of questions and thoughts and I'd like to take this time to express some of them.

I find it interesting that she adds "(This Year)" as a caveat to her wish, as if to say, "Don't get any ideas, Santa. This is a one-time thing. My list will be longer next year." Also, where exactly is her true love? Is this a generic "I just want to know who my true love is!" or is it "I miss my true love because he's on tour with his band N'Sync! Bring him back, Santa, so we can wear denim on denim on denim together"? Ok, upon listening to the first verse again I understand that it's the former. Although, a little research shows that this song was recorded in 2000, when Justin and Britney's Mickey Mouse Club Love was strong. So I'll bet while she was singing it, she was thinking about Justin and denim and how much she missed him when they had to say "Bye, Bye, Bye".

This song is wonderful. The bells, the chimes, the frequent and liberal use of the word "yeah"...these are just a few things that make this song so great. My favorite "yeah" is about halfway through the song when it sounds like she maybe slipped down two steps, but then caught herself, while she was singing it: "ye-ye-yeah". So if you're a big sucker for nostalgia (and if you're in your 20s you are so don't pretend you're not) this is a song you have to put on your Christmas playlist. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Brit Brit made an official music video, or if she did, they've taken it down. Fortunately, though, Britney has a very loyal following, and one of her many dedicated fans made this music video by piecing together clips from her various music videos, fragrance commercials, and possibly other artist' music videos. What a time to be alive, folks.

Merry Christmas, from me and Britney Jean!

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