On the 5th day of Christmas, this is my favorite song:

White Christmas by The Drifters

When you grow up in a suburb of Metro Atlanta, every Christmas is a white one. Hey-oh! (Because the suburbs are full of white people. Slightly racist, but I'm white so it's okay?) But honestly, I've never had a truly White Christmas because I live in The South where it hardly ever snows, but if there's even a chance it might snow, everything goes to hell. If it actually does snow, I hope you're okay with being trapped wherever you are until it melts, because there are approximately two snow plows (is that what they're called?) in the state of Georgia. There was one Christmas where it did snow, but only a slight dusting that was gone by that afternoon. And maybe that's why I like this song so much. Because I, too, am dreaming of a white Christmas, however, it's not just like the ones I used to know. And I do hope your days are merry and bright!

I love The Drifters' version for several reasons. One, it's fun and super fun to sing along to, especially the parts where they do-wop and sing in falsetto. Two, it was featured in my favorite Christmas movie, you guessed it, Home Alone in the scene where Kevin has some pretty great hygiene habits for a boy his age. And then he uses the aftershave, and we get the iconic "Hands On Face While Screaming" face. It seems Edvard Munch could see into the future. I suppose you could also dance to this version, but I think you'd maybe need a partner, or zero sense of shame.

So have a Merry (and maybe White, depending on where you live) Christmas, from me and The Drifters!

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