On the 4th day of Christmas, this is my favorite song:

What Christmas Means to Me by Hanson

You guys, I. Love. Hanson. I have actually been to two of their concerts in the last five years. You should probably go, because they're actually very talented, and they still play their old songs and I definitely screamed when they played "Mmmbop". But they also had a Christmas album, Snowed In and it is VERY good. (My friend Erica actually went to a concert of theirs in France last week, and they played some of their Christmas songs, but apparently not this one. Ugh.)

I think I love this song because 1. It's good. 2. Nostalgia. 3. It's danceable. The Hanson brothers chose to cover Stevie Wonder, a strong choice in my opinion. They tell us what Christmas means to them. It's candles burning low and lots of mistletoe, everywhere they go. And it's choirs singing carols right outside their door. ALL these things and more are what Christmas means to them. It's a wonderful Christmas love song sung by people who, at the time, were teenagers. And who doesn't love that? I love it, you love it, we all love it! And you know what, maybe it's just my love for Hanson, but I think this is one of the better Christmas songs to come out of the 90s. And I don't think it's just my love. I think it's just a fact.

PLUS, Snowed In has one of the best album covers. You know on Pinterest, all those pictures of babies wrapped in Christmas light? (Which I personally think is a terrible idea. It's a BABY! Babies put everything in their mouths, whether or not there's electricity surging through it.) Well, I think Hanson started it, which is a little unfortunate, but there's no way they could've known people in the future would wrap their babies in it.

So, Merry Christmas from Zac, Isaac, Taylor, and me!

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