On the 12th day of Christmas, this is my favorite song:

Step Into Christmas by Elton John

Good old Elton, am I right you guys? He welcomes us at the beginning of the song! How festive and fun! This song is essentially his Christmas card, so congrats, we've all made it onto his Christmas card list. (No lie, my friend Jessica's grandparents used to live in the same apartment building in Atlanta as Elton John. They very well might've been on his actual Christmas card list.) Elton uses this song to invite us into the Christmas season. He invites us to literally step into Christmas. And let me tell you, I do. I step right in. Wanna know why? Because the admission's free, and Elton tells you that in his song. It's very informational, which in turn, is very helpful.

This is also a wonderful Christmas song to play at your holiday party because - it's danceable! So very danceable, to the point where I just have to dance when I hear it. I may or may not have some informal dance moves for this song, which few people have been lucky enough to see.

It also has a music video. It's not quite the spectacle I was expecting (snow, Christmas lights, Elton dancing) but it's still pretty wonderful. You get Elton John to wear a number of fantastical facial expressions, and various shots of him having a great time with the other members of his band. Plus, you get to watch him play piano which is fascinating.

What a way to start off the list! I know what you're thinking, how am I going to top that? I just am! And you're in for the ride of your life, because it's only gonna get weirder, then a little normal, then really weird again.

Merry Christmas, from me and this fuzzy picture of Elton John!

GUYS. I talked to my friend Jessica and it turns out, her grandparents DID receive a Christmas card from Elton John! How cool is that? I bet they exchanged pleasantries about the weather in the elevator all the time. "It's so swampy I'm surprised I haven't found myself in the middle of a crocodile rock, ya know?" (Elton smirks and rolls his eyes behind his very large sunglasses. Secretly he loves it and wishes he'd thought of it first.) Unfortunately, they aren't neighbors anymore, but still. I mean, they got a Christmas card from Elton John. So cool. 

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