I beliebe it was Five for Fighting, the great poets of our time, who once said "Even heroes have the right to bleed." Well, nobody's bleeding (thankfully) but someone has been arrested. That's right folks: Justin Bieber, the Crown Prince of Canada, is behind bars today. And tween girls cannot beliebe it.

He was arrested in Miami (of course it was Florida) for drag racing under the influence. While I've never driven under then influence of any illicit substances (because I'm not a complete moron/I value the low premium on my car insurance), I firmly beliebe that if you're gonna drag race, don't also be simultaneously doing something illegal. According to CNN, he's been charged with drunken driving (a rental car), resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license. So, to review, this 19-year-old Canadian (not old enough to drink or rent a car in the US of A, where Florida technically is) decided to drive a car he's not old enough to rent while drinking drinks he's not old enough to drink (and doing drugs that are illegal in a majority of the US), all while holding a license that's not valid. And then he resisted arrest. 100% of this could've been avoided with just a little common sense. You better beliebe it.

It's been interesting to watch his spiral over the past year or so. If I had to pinpoint it's start, I'd beliebe it was when he and Selena went their separate ways. So I can't say I was surprised to hear when he'd been arrested. It's totally beliebable. It's such a shame, because I legitimately had such high hopes for Justin. I guess I still do beliebe in him, but he's gotta get his stuff together first.

If I'm slightly (very, very slightly) disappointed, you can only imagine how the people who are obsessed with him must feel. Luckily, you don't have to. Because they all have twitter, no shame, and zero knowledge of how the judicial system/laws work.

Many of them are still standing behind their man, encouraging others to do the same, and still beliebing:

Some are just heartbroken:

Some are very mad/incredulous. At the media, at the entire world (okay?):

Some are mad at his manager, Scooter Braun, who is apparently responsible for controlling the actions of Justin Bieber, who is technically an adult:

And lastly, there are the people who make the jokes:

And my personal favorite:

My favorite part about some of these guys are the girls that don't know they're joking. We live in such interesting times.

I can't remember ever loving anyone or anything as much as these people love Justin, specifically when I was their age. Maybe it's because I didn't have the Internet, or because my brain chemistry is balanced. Whatever the reason, I'm thankful.

On a more serious note, I sincerely hope that Justin admits that what he did was wrong, because the last thing any of us need is hormonal tween girls thinking that what he did was in any way okay. It's a weird commentary on our society that so many of them think he doesn't deserve this. News flash: he does.

I think it's safe to say, though, that you don't want to cross a Belieber. 

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