Orlando Bloom recently received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The tourist attraction that stretches blocks and blocks of Hollywood Boulevard is famous for its photo opportunities and the high honor for each star who receives one. Names like Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise are scattered next to the likes of Judy Garland and Michael Jackson. Lucille Ball has a star. Even Mickey Mouse, Big Bird, Tinkerbell, and Snow White have stars located somewhere on the stretch.

But, Orlando Bloom? The whole process of being selected for the honor is a little misconstrued. It's an election process that takes a nice sum of money. There are a few qualifications (recently Kanye West suggested that Kim Kardashian receive a star, but the spokesperson for the landmark said she doesn't meet its standards), but overall its almost like a political push. Orlando Bloom has an amount of fame, but does he rank up next to the likes of John Wayne and Buster Keaton? A few weeks before Bloom received his, TV actor Simon Baker received a star. Simon who?

Despite these questionable selections, the even more shocking this is to see who has yet to receive a star. Some of the celebrities listed here have been elected before, but have declined. Others just haven't bothered with the whole process. In any regard, you'd think the group in charge of selecting would do everything in their power to protect the sovereignty of an honor like that. The Victoria Secret Angels and the Rugrats have stars. Donald Trump has a star. Really?

Here are ten stars who are more than deserving of the accolade.

Clint Eastwood.
Dirty Harry himself has been elected countless times, but has always declined. He's never given a reason why, but it's a shame. He's inevitably one of the Hollywood greats and a living legend.

Woody Allen.
The reclusive director has probably gone the same route as Eastwood. I can't imagine that they've never tried to give him the honor. The director hates publicity of any kind, so much so that he declined to attend this year's Golden Globe Awards even though he was the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille award.

Robert De Niro.
Another living Hollywood legend, there's no given reason as to why the Oscar-winning actor doesn't show up. He definitely deserves the honor, though, especially when you think of the incredible projects he's been a part of. The Godfather. Taxi Driver. Goodfellas. Raging Bull.

Julia Roberts.
One of America's Sweethearts, Roberts has been a box office force since she took the world by storm in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She's won an Oscar. She's earned studios countless dollars. And she's one of the most famous faces around the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio.
He's still young, or at least it seems that way, but Leo is one of the greatest actors of this generation. He stole hearts in Titanic and has powered through some incredible performances since then. He's been nominated for countless Oscars and his name is now synonymous with quality.

Brad Pitt.
A 90s staple "hot guy" who turned his career into an Oscar-winning mesh of acting and producing, Pitt is one of the most famous faces in the entertainment industry around the world. His heavily followed life with Angelina Jolie (and their army of kids) coincides with his continuing career of great performances. He finally won an Oscar as a producer of 12 Years a Slave. Jolie, by the way, is also absent from the Walk of Fame.

George Clooney. 
Whether its his turns on TV's "Roseanne" or "E.R." or his many roles on countless film sets, Clooney has become the epitome of Hollywood entrepreneur. He's possibly the world's most famous bachelor, he comes from a famous family of entertainers and politicians, plus he doesn't seem to ever want to throw in the towel. He's also friends with pretty much everyone in Hollywood.

George Lucas.
The man who brought Star Wars to the big screen definitely deserves a spot in any and every Hollywood list of world-changers. Him and a few of his characters are immortalized in cement in front of the Chinese Theatre, but he doesn't have a star.

Denzel Washington. 
After his star rose in the late 80s, Washington has become a huge box office champion. His mixture of guy-next-door charm and stern delivery has made him every man's favorite actor. He's an Oscar winner with an impressive resume.

Robert Redford.
Another one of the living legends of Hollywood, Redford is easily very deserving of the honor. He has refused nominations over the years. Maybe one day the committee will choose to honor some of the greats despite the whole nomination process.

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