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Sometimes I write reviews for other places, but I still want you to see them!

For Atlantic Station

Grade: B+

Directed by Tim Johnson
Starring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin

Charm alone does not a good movie make, but add in humor and delightful animation and you've got a fun time at the cinema in Dreamworks' Home.

Oh is a member of the Boov alien race, a group that specializes in running away and conquering new planets when their biggest enemy threatens their being. After the entire Boov race moves onto the Earth, transporting the entire human race to Australia, Oh accidentally sends a party evite to the enemy and must hide from his fellow Boovs to keep from being obliterated. While on the run, he meets Tip, a spitfire human girl looking for her mother. The two team up to save the entire human and Boov races.

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