It's no surprise that Marvel's latest has dominated the box office.

Avengers: Endgame went into the last weekend of April as the only major opening. The decision by other studios to hold off releasing other new titles is understandable, as the last saga in the Avengers franchise was expected to pull huge audiences and numbers.

Even with its 3-hour run time, people turned out, giving Marvel and Disney over $350 million domestically and roughly $1.2 billion worldwide in its first three days of release.

For perspective, the $350 million North American opening is $93 million larger than Avengers: Infinity War's debut last year.

Critics were kind to the movie, giving it positive remarks. And, audiences were also please. The film earned an A+ CinemaScore. This is only the third time a Marvel film has earned an A+. The only other films to earn that grade are The Avengers and Black Panther.

Box Office Mojo paints the films future prospects by comparing it to other recent franchise successes. Infinity War earned over $680 million in its entire run. If Endgame follows the same route, it's looking at a total around $920 million. The only film to earn more, domestically, is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which earned a whopping $936.6 million after its 2015 debut.

Here are the records Avengers: Endgame has now set:

- Largest Thursday Preview ($60 million)

- Widest Opening (4,662 theaters)

- Largest Friday, Opening Day, and Single Day ($156.7 million)

- Largest Saturday ($109 million)

- Largest Sunday ($84.3 million)

- Largest Domestic Opening Weekend, April Opening, Spring Opening, PG-13 Opening, and 3-Day Gross ($350 million)

- #1 Movie Market Share (90%)

- Highest Per Theater Average (Wide Opening) ($75,075 per theater)

- Biggest Weekend Overall (Top 12 Gross) ($389 million)

- Fastest Film to $150 million (1 Day)

- Fastest Film to $200 million (2 Days)

- Fastest Film to $250 million (3 Days)

- Fastest Film to $300 million (3 Days)

- Fastest Film to $350 million (3 Days)

- Largest International Opening Weekend ($859 million)

- Largest Worldwide Opening Weekend ($1.2 billion)

- Largest Global 3D Opening Record ($540 million)

- Largest Global IMAX Opening Record ($91.5 million)

Collectively, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has earned over $19.8 million worldwide.

The only market in which the film has yet to open is Russia.

Next weekend, studios will return to releasing other films, hoping that much of Marvel's audience will have seen Endgame and want something fresh (though Marvel films typically track well with repeat viewers). STX will introduce the animated film, UglyDolls, benching on Kelly Clarkson to bring audiences. Lionsgate and Summit will release romantic-comedy Long Shot. Screen Gems opens the thriller The Intruder. And, Briarcliff will open El Chicano.

TOP TEN: (bold signifies a new release)

1. AVENGERS: ENDGAME - $350 million

2. CAPTAIN MARVEL - $8.05 million

3. THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA - $7.5 million

4. BREAKTHROUGH - $6.3 million

5. SHAZAM! - $5.5 million

6. LITTLE - $3.4 million

7. DUMBO - $3.2 million

8. PET SEMATARY - $1.2 million

9. US - $1.1 million

10. PENGUINS - $1 million

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